The Best Hearing Aids Lawrenceville GA at the Lowest Prices in the US with Unmatched Service.

Sugarloaf Hearing Aid Factory Outlet is located inside Sugarloaf Mills Outlet Mall located at 5900 Sugarloaf Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA. We are located across from the AMC Theatre using the parking deck area entrance to the mall. We are one of the leading locations for the fitting and dispensing of Siemens Hearing Aids and also dispense and fit Starkey Hearing Aids as well. We have turned the hearing business upside down with low prices and unique service.

Hearing Aids- We have studied and tested hearing aids from all over the world. Our specialist has personally examined, worn, programmed, and studied nearly every model hearing aid made from every part of the world.  We continue this process and only a few hearing instruments will ever meet our demands. Our Chief Hearing Instrument Specialist, Mrs. Gwen Cantrell H.I.S has hearing loss and has a daughter with profound loss. If she will not wear or put a hearing aid on, then we just don’t offer it.  Gwen and her daughter both wear Siemens Pure hearing aids. We have found after exhaustive testing, studies, and personal preference there currently is not a better hearing aid in the world! There is not one that even comes close.  We have hand selected three models from Siemens and One Model from Starkey, the esteemed Starkey Halos hearing aid made for the IPhone. The selected units we offer simply are currently the best on the market. We have selected one “best” model for every price range. We have done the research for you and made it simple to select the best hearing aid in your price range.

Hearing Aid Prices- Unfortunately, the fact is hearing aids are an expensive investment. They are however worth every penny, if you get a quality hearing aid, get it fitted properly, keep it maintained, and have a strong warranty.  We buy our models in bulk after nearly “hostile” negotiations directly from the lab. We do this in order to safe as much money as possible so we can offer the highest quality hearing instruments directly to our patients for affordable prices. Our prices are so much lower than most hearing centers offering the same models that we often have patients drive from others states to purchase from our outlet centers. It’s not that other centers are taking advantage of their patients, it’s the fact we sell, buy, and negotiate in such large quantities they just can’t match our prices. We often see models we offer for 2 or 3 thousand dollars a set that will sell for three to four times what we offer the same set.

Hearing Testing- A hearing test is the first and very important step in the process of getting a hearing aid. Unfortunately, many patients are severely shortchanged in this area.  They are tested with antiquated equipment, not tested properly, hurried, or even the center does not even have the proper equipment and worse they are not skillful enough to provide a quality comprehensive test. Our Chief Hearing Instrument Specialist understands how important proper testing is to the process. We have only the most advanced latest medical grade testing equipment.  Our specialist utilizes equipment that many centers do not have access to you. You will have a full comprehensive, careful, accurate and proper diagnostic hearing test at our center. We also give you a full audiogram for your own records. We never charge for any of our services. You will get the best testing available at absolutely no costs and no obligation!

Service- Getting properly tested and fitted for your hearing aid is important. However, after care service, follow-ups, and counseling are also important and overlooked aspects to long term success. We offer a level of service that is simply unmatched in this business possibly worldwide. We are one of the only hearing aid centers that is open 7 days a week, 350 days a year and open nights Monday through Saturday until 9pm. If you ever need service or any assistance than you can call or walk right in. We will be standing by to fix or help you in anyway. Our Chief Hearing Specialist Mrs. Gwen Cantrell recalled her daughter having hearing aids broken one weekend and her daughter going without hearing over a long weekend awaiting her appointment for her audiologist. She vowed that when she opened her own center that would never happen again to anyone. We are only closed two days a year, Christmas Day and Easter Day, However, if you had a problem on either one of those days, we would gladly open the center and fix it! Hearing is just too important and we will never ever leave you stranded! We are also proud of the Siemens manufacturer warranty which is simply no questions asked the best and fastest in the business. They stand by their customers. If you have an issue with your hearing aids, you simply come in and throw them on the counter, we handle every step to access the warranty on your behalf.

Our hearing aid center will treat you like family. Most of our patients become second family. We really care and will show you. We will do everything in our power to make your hearing aids work the best they can for you, give you the best service that exists, and offer you the best pricing possible.

We understand hearing loss is concerning and a personal matter. However, we will be by your side through the process as a friend. Please start the process today by calling (404)786-6416 for an appointment.  All of our services are always free with no obligation. We will give you a complete diagnostic test and offer you the opportunity to demo the hearing aids at your first appointment. There is never pressure to buy or any obligation.

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